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Answers to the Quiz on The Rake's Daughter.

I hope you enjoyed my little quiz.

Here are the ANSWERS:

1)   When Sir Bartleby Studley discovers he has a young illegitimate daughter whose mother has just died, he:—     c) decides to dump her in the nearest orphanage.

2)   When Clarissa Studley, almost 9, meets her illegitimate half-sister :—  c)  she decides to keep her.

3)  When Sir Bartleby dies, he :— d) leaves both his daughters homeless.

4)  When Leo, Lord Salcott learns he’s been appointed the guardian of Sir Bartleby’s daughter, Clarissa, who is an heiress :—  b)  he’s furious. 

5)  The two girls come to London because:—  c)  they want to enter society and find husbands.

6)   When Leo meets the two girls:—  b)  he’s stunned by Izzy’s beauty.

7)   When Leo first speaks to Izzy alone, he:—  a)  offers her a handsome bribe to disappear.

8)  Leo send the two girls to live with his aunt because:—  d)  all of the above.

9)  Leo’s aunt, Lady Scattergood :—  b)  collects stray dogs.

10)  Leo’s aunt, Lady Scattergood :—  d)  is appalled by Leo’s plans for them.

Now that you have the answers, go back to the word wenches’ site and tell us how you went.  I’ll be giving a copy of The Rake’s Daughter to someone who leaves a comment.