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Answers to Another Christmas Quiz (2023)


1)     Which Christmas carol might have been sung by Regency people?
        a) Hark the Herald Angels Sing.

For your interest, here are some of the more popular carols and the date they were first published.    
Christmas Carols.  
Joy to The World (1719)
Hark the Herald Angels Sing (1739)
The Holly and the Ivy  (1818?)
The First Noel  (1823)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1833)
I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing By  (1833)
Oh Come All Ye Faithful  (English translation 1841)
Once in Royal David’s City (1848)
Silent Night (1859) 
We Three Kings of Orient Are (1863)
 O Little Town of Bethlehem (1868)
 Away in a Manger  (1882?

2) The first member of the English royal family to display a Christmas tree was:
    b) Queen Charlotte in 1800

  Queen Charlotte was the first royal to have a Christmas tree, but it was Queen Victoria who popularized it when in 1848 this print of her, Prince Albert and their many children with a Christmas Tree appeared in the popular press.  You can read more about it here:

3) Mince pies in the Regency contained: 
    b) dried fruit and meat 

4) Stir-Up Day is:
c) the day when all the members of the family gather to stir the Christmas pudding.

5) Syllabub is
 a) a drink made of sweetened cream curdled in wine or cider.

It’s really quite delicious. There’s a recipe here: 

6) The Christmas game “Hot Cockles”
b)  involves putting your head in someones lap and guessing who is smacking your bottom. 

  You think I made that one up, right? But here’s an illustration.

7)  In the Regency era, the Christmas turkey:—    
a) walked to London wearing special shoes




The “shoes” were sometimes their feet dipped in tar, so their delicate feet wouldn’t get worn through. Not very pleasant for the poor birds, through.


8). In a traditional mummers’ Christmas play, a commonly appearing character was:—    
b) Saint George (of dragon fame)

Mummers are men (generally rustic) who at Christmas dress up, sing and act out plays, often traditional, but sometimes updated and incorporating local personages.

9) Frumenty was often served at Christmas. Frumenty is:    
a) a dish made with grains, dried fruit, nuts and sugar .
You can read more about it here. There’s a recipe as well.

10) Bullet pudding was:     
a) a game often played at Christmas 

11) A roasted capon was a dish commonly served at Christmas. A capon is: 
c) a castrated cockerel 

12) Which of these was thought to bring bad luck?
c)  Decorating with greenery before Christmas Eve

Now you have checked your answers, click here to come back and tell us how you went.