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Answers to the Novels of Georgette Heyer Quiz

Here are the answers to the Novels of Georgette Heyer Quiz, which can be found on this site.
Give yourself a point for each correct answer, plus one if you also got the name of the novel, then come back to the WordWench site and tell us how you went.

1) Who called his uncle a “platter-faced old fidget”?
             b) Viscount Sheringham in Friday’s Child

2) Who removed the gold tassels from some very elegant boots?
            c) Edmund Rayne in Sylvester or The Wicked Uncle.

3) Who was predicted to be eaten by frogs and his offspring “delivered to the caterpillar?”
            a) Damerel in Venetia

4) Who called Young Lochinvar a “dashed loose screw.”
            c)  Freddy Standen in Cotillion

5)  Which female character was said to have the countenance of a particularly well-bred horse?
            a) Miss Wraxton in The Grand Sophy

6) Whose aunt “adds invisibility to her other accomplishments!”?     
            c) Frederica Merrivilles’s in Frederica

7)  Who is X in this quote? “I daresay X might not be a great hand at slaying dragons- but one has not the smallest need of a man who can kill dragons!”    
            d) Freddy Standen in  Cotillion

8)  Who said: “There’s a thing that comes after a fellow:got a name,but I forgot what it is. Creeps up behind him, and puts him in the basket when he ain’t expecting it.”  
           a) Ferdy Fakenham  in Friday’s Child

 9)  Who said: “I comfort myself with the reflection that your wife will possibly be able to curb your desire–I admit, a natural one for the most part–to exterminate your fellows.” 
           d) The Duke of Avon in Devil’s Cub

10)  Who offered herself as a substitute bride, despite the fact that she stammered and her eyebrows would not arch. But she did have The Family Nose.
            c) Horatia Winwood in The Convenient Marriage

11) Whose sleep was guarded by The Mountain?
           a) Prudence Tremaine in The Masqueraders

12) Who kidnapped a hero and shut him in the cellar?
           c) Deb Grantham in Faro’s Daughter

Now you have added up your score (out 0f 24) click here to return to the Word Wenches’ blog and tell us how you went. Did you enjoy it? Are you a huge Heyer fan who found it too easy, or did some of the questions stump you?