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English Names

So many of these names are tricky, aren’t they? And these are the kind of names that you can’t know how to pronounce until someone tells you. Which is, of course, why I picked them. So here are the answers:

1) How would an Englishman called Beauchamp pronounce his name?
          d)  Beech um

2) How do locals say Magdalen College Oxford?
          a)  Maudlin College Oxford

3) What’s the correct pronunciation for Worcestershire?
          c)  Woos ter sheer

4) What’s the correct pronunciation for Leicester?
          c)  Lester

5) How should one pronounce  Featherstonehaugh?
          b)  Fanshaw

6) What’s the correct pronunciation for Cholmondley?
          a)  Chumley

7) How would a man called Mr Marjoribanks say his name?
          b)  March banks

8) How should one pronounce Calke Abbey?
          d)  Cork Abbey

9) What’s the correct English pronounciation of Marlborough?
          d)  Mawl br’uh

10) What’s the correct pronunciation for Leomenster?
          a)  Lemster

11) What’s the correct pronunciation for Ruthven?
          c) Rivven

12) What’s the correct way to say Belvoir Castle?
          b)  Beaver Castle

Thanks for playing. Now pop back over to the Word Wench page and tell us how you went and which ones you came unstuck on.