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About Writing

A Writers’ Retreat

I attended a writers' retreat with 10 other authors and it was so inspirational, I wanted to share it with you. There's also a little about story collage.
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Active Readers

Techniques for keeping your readers involved and turning pages: Notes from a workshop I gave at a Australian Romance Writers Conference in Melbourne.
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Myths of Romance

There are plenty of urban myths about romance fiction: they're all the same, they're easy to write, it's all done to a secret formula, and they're all about sex. Or are they?
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On Bodices

Photos I took of Regency-era bodices at Berrington Hall, Herefordshire.
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Point of View – POV

Understanding Point of View and how to use it
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That Dreaded Synopsis

For people trying to write synopses...
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Training the Muse

My take on how Dorothea Brande's techniques can help you become a better writer.
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Voice – Part 1

The first article about Voice; about trusting in the way you view the world. And about the importance of chocolate.
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Voice – Part 2

The second article about Voice; about the importance of the particular, rather than the generic. And about Australian singer-songwriter Paul Kelly.
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Writing Comedy

Techniques for writing romantic comedy: Notes from a talk I gave at a Australian Romance Writers Conference in Sydney
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