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Harlequin Books

“. . . an Anne Gracie novel, so expect wonderfully delineated characters, lots of heart and humor, all wrapped around a delightful romance.”

— Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

The Gallant Waif by Anne Gracie

Gallant Waif Individual Title

Tallie's Knight by Anne Gracie

Tallie's Knight Individual Title

How the Sheriff Was Won by Anne Gracie

How the Sheriff Was Won Two Romantic Comedies

An Honorable Thief by Anne Gracie

An Honorable Thief Individual Title

The Virtuous Widow by Anne Gracie

Gifts of the Season "The Virtuous Widow"

The Virtuous Widow by Anne Gracie

The Virtuous Widow A Historical Novella

Courage and Circumstance by Anne Gracie

Courage and Circumstance Gallant Waif / Tallie's Knight

Honor and Virtue by Anne Gracie

Honor and Virtue An Honourable Thief / The Virtuous Widow