The Chance Sisters

Four orphaned girls -- two sisters and two friends -- band together in adversity as "sisters-of-the-heart" to support each other through the dire times. When utter desperation causes respectable Abby to attempt a small theft, she discovers instead an aristocratic old lady in even more desperate straits. The four girls move in with Lady Beatrice, posing as her nieces and calling themselves the "Chance" sisters. They transform their lives and hers, but will their house of cards come tumbling down?

The Devil Riders

Brothers and brothers-in-arms, named for their dare-devil exploits during the Napoleonic wars, these men must find a way to live in peacetime. For each, the key turns out to be one special woman.

The Merridew Sisters

Prudence Merridew hatches a plot to help herself and her three younger sisters escape the custody of their violent and abusive grandfather. They run away to London to live with his estranged brother, the frivolous and madly fashionable Great Uncle Oswald. One of them must find a husband, and fast, before Grandpapa finds them.

Convenient Marriage
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". . . an Anne Gracie novel, so expect wonderfully delineated characters, lots of heart and humor, all wrapped around a delightful romance."

-- Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

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