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Answers: Regency Slang #1

Here are the answers to my A Regency Slang Quiz at the WordWenches Blog:

  1. An Ape leader is:
    d) An ageing spinster
  2. “Doing it much too brown” means:
    b) Trying too hard to make a false story convincing
  3. Blue Ruin is
    a) An alcoholic drink ie gin
  4. A rum cull is
    a) A suspicious or dishonest man
  5. A hum is
    b) A false rumor
  6. A barque of frailty is
    d) A woman of easy virtue
  7. A nonpareil is
    a) A leader of fashion (male)
  8. To be castaway means
    d) To be drunk
  9. Which one of these is NOT a term for being drunk:
    d) to give a tinker’s damn
  10. To be in dun territory means
    c) To be in debt