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Scoundrel's Daughter — the pre-publication quiz

Here are the correct answers to the Scoundrel’s Daughter quiz, which is here, on the Word Wenches’ Blog.
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1)  The “scoundrel” in the title is:—  a)  a blackmailer    

2)  There are two couples in this story. The younger couple meet:— b)   during a curricle race 

3)  When the younger couple meet, Lucy, the scoundrel’s daughter is carrying:— b)   a goose

4)   When we first meet Alice (the main heroine in the book) she is :— a)   cleaning silver

5) Of medium height, he was closer to fifty than forty and dressed expensively, if not particularly tastefully, in tight trousers, a florid waistcoat, a frilled shirt and a snugly fitted bottle-green coat. A number of gaudy fobs dangled from his gold watch chain, and he wore several large, glittery rings. His thinning gray hair was elaborately tousled, and he reeked of pomade.
This describes:—  d)  the scoundrel of the title   (surprised are you? wink)

6) A tall, grave-faced gentleman stepped into their path. Dressed in severe dark evening dress, the same as every other man in the room, there was, nevertheless, something about him. Perhaps it was his height or his broad shoulders, or maybe it was his unconscious air of command. Among the soft, pampered company, he stood out like an eagle among pigeons. Alice was aware of thick, dark hair cropped short; a bold, aristocratic nose, which looked as if it had been broken at least once; a firm chin and piercing gray eyes that bored into her.
This describes:— a)  Alice’s romantic hero

7)   The scoundrel wants Alice to:—  c)  get his daughter to marry a lord

8) Alice wanted to throw her husband’s letters in the fire. She didn’t because:— c)  she was too shocked to move

9)  Alice becomes Lucy’s godmother because:— d) she needed a socially acceptable connection to Lucy

10)  Alice doesn’t like going into society now that she’s been widowed because:— b)  men keep propositioning her

11) James hasn’t seen his three small daughters for more than four years. This is because:— a) he’s been away at war     

12)  When Alice and Lucy attend a masquerade ball, Alice dresses as Cleopatra. James surprises her by dressing:— d)  as Mark Antony

13) Bonus question:  James’s youngest daughter, Deborah, aged four, wants just one thing :— a), b), c) and d)  a cat  You can read a snippet where she first meets her father here. 

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