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Answers to A Beastly Quiz

A Beastly Quiz — more Regency slang

(From the quiz on the Word Wenches’ Page)

1)   To cock up one’s toes means:—    b) to die

2) Done to a cow’s thumb means:—  a) to be exhausted

3) A bear leader is a person who:— c) takes schoolboys on tours  (It was particularly used to describe the tutors who accompanied young men (the sons of rich men) on The Grand Tour. )

4) An ape leader is:—    a) a spinster  (It was said of women who failed to marry and procreate that they would end up in hell, leading apes. Nasty, eh?)

5) To be cock-a-hoop is:—  d) to be in high spirits  (It’s a bit like “to be over the moon”.)

6) A chicken nabob is:—   b) a man of moderate fortune  (‘A nabob’ was the term used to describe a man who acquired a large fortune in India, so a chicken nabob describes a man who didn’t quite make it to riches. It’s a bit derogatory.)

7) A toad eater is:— a) obsequious

8) To be under the cat’s foot is:— c) to be dominated by a woman

9) To be a cat’s paw is:—   b) to be used by someone else         

10) To be foxed is:—   c)  to be drunk

11) A beak is:—   d) a magistrate

12) To kick up a lark means:—  c) to have fun

13) To shoot the crow means:—  a) to leave without paying

I hope you enjoyed this little quiz.
Now you have your score, come back and tell us how you went.