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Answers to A Regency Christmas Quiz #2

Answers to A Regency Christmas Quiz #2  
                                                                      (See the original quiz on the WordWenches)

1)  Who was the Lord of Misrule?   
         c) A man chosen to rule over drunken Christmas revelries

2) Which Christmas carol might have been sung by Regency people?
            a) Hark the Herald Angels Sing

3) Which Christmas carol would NOT have been sung by Regency people?
        d) All of the above

 For your interest, here are some of the more popular Christmas Carols and the date they were first published.      
Joy to The World (1719)
Hark the Herald Angels Sing (1739)
The Holly and the Ivy  (1818?)
The First Noel  (1823)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (1833)
I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing By  (1833)
O Come All Ye Faithful  (English translation 1841 or 1843)
Once in Royal David’s City (1848)
Silent Night (1859) 
We Three Kings of Orient Are (1863)
O Little Town of Bethlehem (1868)
 Away in a Manger  (1882?)

4) Which of these plants are traditionally part of Christmas greenery?
        d) all of the above
The traditional greenery of Christmas were rosemary, bay, holly, laurel, ivy and mistletoe. 

5) Stir-Up Day is:
         c) the day when all the members of the family gather to stir the Christmas pudding. 
It’s supposed to be a lucky thing to do. The spoon must be wooden and you stir in a clockwise direction. The last day to stir the pudding or the Christmas cake is the last Sunday before Advent.

6) Mummers are:
          d) A group of men who at Christmas dress up, sing and act out plays

7) The Christmas game “Hot Cockles”
        b)  involves putting your head in someones lap and guessing who is smacking your bottom. (You think I made that one up, right? But here’s an illustration.)

8) Syllabub is
         a) a drink made of sweetened cream curdled in wine or cider

9) If you were given a “fire spill” for Christmas it would be:
        c) a specially folded piece of paper for transferring fire or lighting candles or pipes.

10) When gathering mistletoe for a kissing bough, people
        b)  preferred mistletoe with lots of berries   
  *Each time a girl was kissed, one berry was removed, and when they were all gone, there was no more kissing. more berries, more kissing.

11) Buffy Gruffy was
        d) a game, a bit like blindman’s buff, only with questions

12) The Yule log was
        b) set alight on Christmas Eve and burned for up to twelve days.

 So how did you go? Pop back over to The Word Wenches and let us know in the comments.