Answers to the Quiz on The Heiress's Daughter

Answers to the Quiz on The Heiress’s Daughter.

1)  Our heroine, Clarissa, is
b) intensely loyal to those she cares about

2)  Clarissa grew up
d) in the country

3) In London, Clarissa lives with
a) an eccentric old lady

4)  Clarissa is good at 
c) making lotions and potions

5) Clarissa makes a list of
d) desirable qualities in a husband

5) First and foremost Clarissa wants
a) a family and children

6) When Clarissa is invited to go riding
b) she accepts because she loves riding

7) Race, Lord Randall, never visits Clarissa in her home because
c) he’s been banned from the house

8)  Race is called Race because
b) he didn’t like being called Horatio

9) Clarissa is being energetically courted by
d) all of the above

10) Clarissa and her maid, Betty visit an orphanage
c) Intending to hire a girl to train as a maid

11) Race’s cousin, Maggie, says she must get a mongrel pup because
b) she thinks it’s going to be the next big fashion

12) Lady Scattergood 
c) thinks the best sort of husband is one who lives on the other side of the world

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