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Answers to Regency Slang Quiz No. #4

Here are the answers to the Regency Slang Quiz no. 4, which appears on the Word Wenches’ blog.

1) To be a trifle disguised means:— 
            b) to be slightly drunk

2) If you make a cake of yourself, you are:—
            d) making a fool of yourself

3) If you are pitching the gammon, you’re:—
            b)  telling lies

4) If you’re drawing the bustle too freely, you’re:— 
            a)  spending too much money

5) If you ring a fine peal over someone, you:—
            c) scold them and tell them off

6) To offer someone a bag of moonshine means: —
             b) to talk a lot of nonsense

7) To shoot the crow means:—
            b) to leave in a hurry without paying

8) To be high in the instep means: 
            d) to be haughty or proud

9) To tell Canterbury tales means:—
              a) to tell lies

10) To cut a wheedle means:—
             c) to ingratiate yourself with someone by lying

11) To have a fit of the blue-devils means:—
             d)  to be depressed

12) To be cucumberish means:—
              c) to be short of money

Now, add up your score and then come back to the Word Wench blog and tell us how you went.