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Answers to A New Word Wench

Mystery Wench Quiz: Answers  —These answers refer to the quiz on the Word Wenches Blog — here.

1) The new Word Wench is:
          a) North American

2)  The new Word Wench writes:
            a) mysteries
            b) historicals
            c) contemporaries
           Answer:  d) all of the above—in one book

3) The new Word Wench is fascinated by:
           d) the links between the past and the present  (and yes, I was getting a bit silly there, I know. *g*)

4) The new Word Wench is
            a) an Honorary Word Wench
            b) often recommended in our monthly What We’re Reading posts
            c) a RITA award winner
           Answerd) all of the above

5) The new Word Wench is also:
            a) published internationally and translated into a number of other languages 
            b) a NY Times bestseller
            c) multi award-winning
           Answer: d) all of the above

6) The new Word Wench is:
             b) married with two children

7) The new Word Wench’s books:
             a) involve a lot of research, which she carries out meticulously, even visiting the settings and location of most of her books

8) The new Word Wench
             c) attends a variety of writing conferences — which is where some of the wenches have met her.

9) Some of the new Word Wench’s favorite writers are:
               a) Mary Stewart
               b) Jan Cox Speas
               c) Nalini Singh
              Answer:  d) all of the above. Quite an interesting range, isn’t it?

10) The new Word Wench has won:
              a) the Catherine Cookson Fiction Prize
              b) the Romance Writers of America RITA award
              c) several Romantic Times Awards
              Answer:  d) all of the above.

Now, return to the word wenches blog — here— and make your guess.