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Paperbacks of The Laird’s Bride arrived in the post this morning.

I was dreading it, because I’d made a real boo-boo in the setting up:  I’d accidentally chosen “right-to-left layout” — which is the way books in Arabic and Japanese and some other languages work. Even when I checked the file, and it was laid out backwards, starting at the end, and going through to the title page, I thought that was some peculiar part of the printing process, so I didn’t change it. 

In my defense, when I first started making the little adult literacy books I make for my former employer (over 100 titles so far), the layout (before printing) looked weird — page 1 was opposite page 16, page 2 opposite page 15 and so on. But in the printing they came out perfectly. So I just thought this backward text was the same kind of thing.

Later a lovely bookseller alerted me to the problem, pointing out that the paperback cover displayed on some sites was in fact the back cover of the paperback. See pic below. (Thank you Rosemary!)

So I hightailed it to the Print-on-Demand website I used to get it fixed. Which is when I discovered that the text was also backwards. More than a week later, and several Helpdesk tickets — and MUCH angst and fretting on my behalf — I got the correct version uploaded this morning — or so I thought.

In the meantime, a week ago, I’d ordered 6 copies of the paperback. So I was expecting that I’d have to throw all 6 copies into the recycle bin because, of course, they’d be printed out backwards. So today, when my parcel arrived, I opened it with great trepidation. 

And to my great delight and HUGE relief,  I found that the paperbacks had been printed perfectly, and looked beautiful. So PHEW! I don’t know which clever person at the Print-on-Demand company spotted my mistake and fixed it, but I’m hugely grateful. And now I’m smiling at my little paperbacks and stroking them, and getting ready to order some more. 

The paperbacks can be ordered through most bookstores. I don’t sell them from my website, but I will be bringing some to sell at the ARRA book signing at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Sydney in August.

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1 year ago

Beautiful Cover!