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The Next Stage

I heard back from my editor yesterday, regarding the manuscript I sent in at the beginning of February. Her email started: “I thoroughly enjoyed The Secret Daughter!” and she went on to say what she particularly liked about the story. So I was very pleased with that.

In the next paragraph she mentioned something she thought might be a problem that I should address, and suggested a way I could fix it — which involved a lot of changes. But while editors are always right when they spot a problem, their suggestions as to how to fix it often are not. In this case, I could see a very easy fix, and when I wrote to her and told her what I planned to do, she said, “Oh yes, that would work.”

So now I’m going through the manuscript and double checking it all. She (my editor) sent it back with “track changes” and she’s flagged a few typos, made an occasional comment and noted where she thought I should change things to solve the problem I mentioned above.  I’m also making changes on my own account. It’s been almost four weeks since I saw it last, so that break means I can read it with fresh eyes.

So that’s the next stage in the book production process. After that, if she’s happy with the revised manuscript, it will go to copyediting. The copyeditor will go over it with an eagle eye and spot any mistakes — typos, places where Australian/English spelling has slipped in, mistakes where I’ve accidentally called a character by the wrong name or given them brown eyes instead of blue or green or hazel, and maybe I’ve calculated time wrongly — for instance on one page I might have said it’s a week later but reading it closely it turns out to be only five days. Copyeditors are very nit-picky, for which I’m always enormously grateful. (Photo by Daniel Thomas on Unsplash)

I’m not going to tell you anything about the story yet, because the heroine of this story is someone you’ll meet for the first time in The Heiress’s Daughter, which comes out on May 21st. 
I also can’t show you a cover because we’re still in the process of creating one. I say “we” but it’s the wonderful Berkley Art Dept that does the creating, and I just give feedback/opinions. But as soon as I have a final cover, I’ll post it here first.

Another Bookbub

My publisher has organized a Bookbub special for THE SCOUNDREL’S DAUGHTER.

The special price reduction starts on the 16th Feb and finishes on Feb 23, 2024. It will be priced $1.99 for US readers only but check your preferred e-book seller, as sometimes the special can carry over. Last time I had a US only special and readers in Canada reported that they could get it.

It’s always tricky to get the news out in time to readers, as I never get much notice myself, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on one of these specials click here (it’s a link to my Bookbub page) and click on FOLLOW. That way you’ll receive an email notifying you of the special.

The Scoundrel’s Daughter is the first book in my Brides of Bellaire Gardens series. Here are some quotes from the reviews:

From The Romance Dish — a review and also an interview with meOverflowing with the wit, humor, passion, feel-good romance, and the fully-dimensional characters for which Anne Gracie is known, The Scoundrel’s Daughter launches Gracie’s new series with a story that kept me fully entertained from start to finish.”  . . . snip . . . “I’ve read The Scoundrel’s Daughter twice and I’m already looking forward to visiting these characters again. Like many of Gracie’s titles, it’s a book destined for my comfort reads shelf. “

From Addicted to Romance: “I was so addicted to this book and I honestly couldn’t put it down. I had so much fun with this one and seeing these two couples find their way together. It definitely starts with a rocky beginning for them, but through some alliances that are made, and some fun antics with three little girls and an obsession over cats….these alliances turn into affairs of the heart. I was really drawn into the humor and sweet tones of this book. Now, this is what I love my regency to be. I wanted to take a break from historicals for a bit, but nope now I have a more burning need to read more of the genre and I thank Anne Gracie for firing me up in her novel.

From AustenProse: “With two very distinct but equally lovable heroines, two swoon-worthy heroes, and more adventures (and misadventures) than I can count, The Scoundrel’s Daughter is a charming addition to the Regency genre. This novel combines the dashing style of Georgette Heyer with Anne Gracie’s skilled pen for love and comedy.”

Flippin Pages said: “This delightfully romantic and entertaining book has it ALL!  Wonderful characters, wit, laugh-worthy humor, a despicable, shrewish harpy who definitely gets her comeuppance, TWO swoon-worthy romances, three adorable little girls, and it is all set a very realistic and well-described Regency London.”

Buy The Scoundrel’s Daughter at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Kobo, Apple or use this universal link that takes you to your  favorite E-book Retailer.

For US readers

If you’re in the USA, the e-book of my BRIDE BY MISTAKE is now on sale for just $1.99.

The special price is only for a few days so be quick. (Apologies to readers in other countries — my US publisher organized this, not me, and I only just discovered it was US people only.) 

BRIDE BY MISTAKE was a RITA finalist, and received an A- review from Smart Bitch Sarah.
You can read more about it here. 
And read an excerpt here.

You can buy BRIDE BY MISTAKE by clicking on one of the links below:




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