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Doing Vital Research

I’ve just done some important research (cough cough) and I know you’ll appreciate my dedication.

I’ve been reading some English books lately — rom-coms, some of those those “woman escapes from rotten old life and starts a new one along with gorgeous new man” books, and also cosy-ish UK crime novels, and in each one of them the heroine kept munching on chocolate hobnobs. The universe was clearly sending me a message!

So, naturally I had to discover what this important aid-to-literature was. (I’m conscientious like that, dedicated to my craft!)

I found them in the biscuit (cookie) aisle at my local supermarket. And lo, I found there was an English version (called unsurprisingly Chocolate hobnobs) and an Australian one, called Chocolate Wheaten Biscuits. They looked the same, but a search on-line explained the difference: The wheaten bikkies are made with wholemeal flour and baking powder, while hobnobs are made with rolled oats and white self-raising flour.

But my task was to try the hobnobs — brave of me, I know, because  in all these books, the heroines were clearly  addicted to chocolate hobnobs. The things I risk for you, my readers!

The verdict? They were very nice. The oatmealy base made you feel as though you were eating something healthy, and the chocolate topping was your reward for being healthy. Obviously.

I don’t buy biscuits as a rule — because they just seem to disappear  — I know, strange! And a bit spooky! — but now I’m wondering whether I should have been more scientific and bought  a packet of chocolate hobnobs AND one of chocolate wheaten biscuits so I could properly compare them.

What do you think? Should I test both kinds?  Are you impressed with my dedication to my craft?
Do you have a favourite (favorite) chocolate biscuit (cookie)?

The book is out!

My book, The Heiress’s Daughter is out — ready to buy in e-book, paperback and audio book. Thank you to all those who preordered it, and no doubt have it already.

Publication day is always a bit fraught for authors — will people buy it? Will people like it? I looked on amazon to check the book’s rating, which gives a rough idea of how well it’s selling and was dismayed to see a one star rating with this comment:

I own practically every book Ms. Gracie has written, but will no longer purchase her books. The digital format should not be this high. She has priced herself out of the market. I will wait until it reaches the thrift stores.

The thing is, it’s the publisher, not me, who sets the price. I agree the e-book price is quite steep, but I have no control about things like that. And I can’t explain to that person — I just have to suck it up. :(

But then my publisher sent me a link to this post, on “She Reads” where The Heiress’s Daughter was featured as one for Bridgerton fans  to read. And the graphic was gorgeous.  Here’s the link:  New Regency Era Romances for After You Binge Bridgerton Season Three — what to read.
Needless to say, I’m thrilled to bits!