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An Audio Shortlist

The short list for the SOVAS Awards —The Society of Voice Arts and Sciences — has been announced and I’m delighted to say the audio version of my book, THE SCOUNDREL’S DAUGHTER, narrated by Christine Rendel is on it. Congratulations to Christine, and all the others involved in the production. I’m thrilled to bits.
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My Mysterious French Book

I received a lovely email from a French reader who had seen one of my books — in French— on the amazon France site, in a duo edition with Mary Balogh, but had forgotten which one it was. Did I know?

Of course I was thrilled to be in anything with Mary Balogh, but authors almost never get told about these things — only that the French publisher has purchased rights to this book or that. So I jumped over to the site and did a search for my name. 

Lots of my books had been listed, but I could see no book in a duo with Mary Balogh. So then I searched for “Mary Balogh and Anne Gracie”, and lo! it came up. That’s it on the right.

But which book of mine was it? I can’t usually tell because most of the foreign publishers change the titles to suit their markets, so it’s not generally a straight translation. This one was called A Mysterious Stranger, which told me nothing about what the English title was.

Generally no matter what language my translations are, I can usually work out which book of mine one is by the names of the characters in the back cover blurb.  So I looked for the blurb. But there wasn’t one for my book — only for Mary Balogh’s.

They did, however, have a brief blurb about me. It made me laugh. Here it is translated by Google from the French:  It was while traveling around the world, in the company of her favorite authors (from Jane Austen to Charles Dickens via Mary Stewart) that Anne Gracie wrote her first historical romance. Since then becoming a teacher, she has never lost her taste for writing and has become one of the queens of the successful romance, crowned with multiple awards.

It’s not exactly accurate — I was already a teacher, and I’m no queen of anything.  Those on-line translation thingies are very funny at times, aren’t they? But I did like the idea that Jane Austen and Charles Dickens and I traveled the world via Mary Stewart. I’m sure we had a great time. And I still have no idea what book of mine made it into a duo with the wonderful Mary Balogh. With any luck it will bring me some more readers — French readers, anyway. 
But I wish I knew which book of mine it was.

Tawny Frogmouth chicks

On the Word Wenches’ blog the other day we were talking about the birds we like to watch, and I mentioned tawny frogmouths, an Australian owl-like bird (but not an owl) that is brilliantly camouflaged — it looks like a scruffy piece of bark or a branch, until it opens its eyes and looks at you. 

They mate for life, and are good parents to their chicks, which as you can see from this photo of three little chicks, are adorable. At my old house I sometimes used to see a pair of tawny frogmouths sitting on a high branch of a gum tree with a half-grown chick between them.

I sent this pic to the other word wenches, and Christina Courtenay commented that they looked like some of the stuff that came out of her dryer. LOL. And Mary Jo Putney commented that they looked like Jayne Ann Krentz’s dust-bunnies from her Harmony series written under the name of Jayne Castle. Other friends have talked about the dust-bunnies often, but I’ve never been able to buy those books on kindle. However, because of our conversation, I checked again — and lo! several were available. So I’m finally catching up on the dust-bunnies — and visualizing tawny frogmouth chicks, with a few more legs.