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German Translations

Two new German translations landed on my doorstep this morning — one is in  novella collection with the wonderful Mary Balogh, and Merline Lovelace. Mine is the Christmas novella which in English was called The Virtuous Widow. The others you can try to translate yourself. 

The English edition of the second book  is Marry in Scarlet, the story of George, Lady Georgiana Rutherford and Redmond Jasper Hartley, the fifth Duke of Everingham. 

I love getting these translations. It never fails to stun and delight me that my stories are being read in other countries.

My Next Book

I responded to a question in the comments stream a few posts back, explaining when my next book — #3 in the Bellaire Gardens series — would be out, but some readers missed it, so I’m explaining again.

I heard from my agent that it would be January 2024.

I’m very sorry about the long wait. It’s partly my fault — I had some nasty health issues last year, and that plus moving house slowed me down.

Also it seems that traditional publishers have been having a lot of issues with scheduling printers and order fulfillment, etc.; all of which require more lead time in the production process.

(The drawing above is by Matisse)

In the meantime I hope to self-publish a novella that I’ve had waiting in the wings for several years. I just need to polish it up and reduce the word count to 30,ooo words. Stay tuned.