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Category: News

Interviewing Sulari Gentill

Today on the Word Wench blog, I’m interviewing historical crime writer Sulari Gentill. In the interview she  talks about her inspiration, her books, ridiculous research rabbit holes and her upcoming US tour.

Sulari writes a crime series set in the 1930’s during the rise of fascism — in Australia, in Nazi Germany and elsewhere in the world. Fascinating history and good stories with likable and interesting characters.

One of the things I really enjoy in her books are little historical “bon-bons” where a  walk on peripheral character will be a real person from history. You won’t recognize them all, but she explains them at the end of each book. Such fun.

Sulari is giving away a book on the word wench blog so if you pop over there and leave a comment, you’ll be in the draw.

Anyway Sulari and three other aussie crime writers are about to head off on a US tour. The schedule is below.

If they’re appearing near you, why not pop over and say hi.
And try her books. They really are fun.

Annual Rituals

Every year friends of mine have a party on AFL Grand Final day (That’s Australian Rules football, by the way). It starts with a barbecue and then everyone who’s interested crowds into the lounge to watch the footie. I’m not so interested in the footie, so I only watch if it promises to be a particularly good match, and even then I enjoy watching the spectators as much as the game. Though there is something appealing about watching a fast-paced, gladiator style match between teams of fit men dressed in small right shorts and sleeveless tops. Compared with US football, there’s a lot of skin showing.

To get an idea of the game, here’s a video of the greatest moments of last year’s footie season.

But for me, it’s about the company and catching up with old friends — some of whom I only ever see at this party. Kids  are born, kids grow up, people get new jobs or new partners — it’s a bit like an annual stocktake.

And there’s always a big fire. In the daytime it works as a barbecue and in the evening it becomes a place where people gather and make music. As it’s spring here, it can still get pretty chilly at night, so the fire is very welcome. But for me the magic is in staring into the flames and watching the glowing goals. I love a good fire.







Speaking of spring, here is my friends’ spring garden in all its glory.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


Writing Workshop

I love teaching and talking about craft-of-writing. And so many people dream of writing, but never get around to trying.
If anyone here lives in or near Melbourne and is interested in writing, you might want to attend my one day writing workshop at Writers Victoria in Melbourne (near the State Library).  
The topic is Story, Plot and Theme.

Story is one thing, creating a plot to do justice to your story is another.

And understanding the power of your theme is yet another. 

Understand the relationship between these three things, and it will help you write a story that will resonate in your readers’ minds long after they’ve finished reading.

Details here