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My publisher is running another #giveaway —  A “Round the World” sweepstakes featuring my upcoming book The Scoundrel’s Daughter among others. From 26 July to August 8 To enter go here: Again, it’s only for US residents, but for all you in the rest of the world, stay tuned for my...

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Another Giveaway

Do you live in the USA? Then this giveaway, run by my publisher, Berkley Books is for you — the “Must-Read Books of August” and includes my new book, The Scoundrel’s Daughter. To enter the giveaway go here. It runs from 12 – 26 July, so be quick. If...

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Mandarins and Memories

It’s mandarin season here in Australia. I love mandarins — so easy to peel and so delicious. Many years ago, during the year I spent backpacking, I spent a month or two island-hopping in Greece. If ever you go to Greece, make sure that as well as the mainland,...

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