My Next Book

I responded to a question in the comments stream a few posts back, explaining when my next book — #3 in the Bellaire Gardens series — would be out, but some readers missed it, so I’m explaining again.

I heard from my agent that it would be January 2024.

I’m very sorry about the long wait. It’s partly my fault — I had some nasty health issues last year, and that plus moving house slowed me down.

Also it seems that traditional publishers have been having a lot of issues with scheduling printers and order fulfillment, etc.; all of which require more lead time in the production process.

(The drawing above is by Matisse)

In the meantime I hope to self-publish a novella that I’ve had waiting in the wings for several years. I just need to polish it up and reduce the word count to 30,ooo words. Stay tuned.

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