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The ARRA Signing in Sydney

I took a lot of photos of the various authors signing in Sydney, but am sharing mostly the historical romance ones here. 
And I’m wrestling with the software, so please forgive the wonky arrangement of this post.

First up is Charlotte Anne.

Isn’t her banner stunning? A lot of the authors there had large, striking banners on display.

I felt very remiss by not having one, but it’s just too cumbersome to drag around on planes, trains and taxis

Next is Clyve Rose, who had an impressive array of swag, including this lovely bird-cage-like display.

She also brought her daughter. In fact quite a few young readers were in attendance, which was lovely to see.

Next — and I’m doing this in order of their first names — is Danielle who was one of the organizers. She’s with some silly person in a feather hat.

Actually it’s just an old sun-hat and I wound a feather boas around it. I thought I ought to do something, seeing I didn’t have any swag or a banner or anything. 

Dani looked fabulous in a lovely purple outfit, and spent her time helping out. Thanks Dani. Also thanks to Debbie, the ARRA chair and superwoman organizer, who didn’t want her photo taken.

On your left is Donna Maree Hanson, who doesn’t write historicals, but since she and I were sharing a table, 

I wanted to include her. Donna writes a variety of fantasy novels.

On the right is Heather Boyd, another historical romance writer.

On the left of the screen we have one of the most enthusiastic and generous readers ever — Helen Sibbritt, who reads and reviews hundreds of books a year. And she loves historicals!

She’s standing with me, this time without the silly feather hat.
I often wear a boa in some form or other at these events, and at romance conferences. 

They’re easy to wear — I usually have them on a hat or on my head, as they tend to get a bit hot and prickly around the neck. I’m not fashionista, so I choose to be silly and feathered instead. <g>

On the right we have Joanne Austen Brown, who was at her first signing.
Go, Joanne!



And here I am with the star of the day, Julia Quinn. She was amazing — signing non-stop the whole day and never flagging with her friendly smile, and happily  jumping up to have her photo taken with people. 

Over JQ’s shoulder you can just see the other star of the signing, Audrey Carlan, who was so bright and bubbly and friendly, but I’m only featuring historical writers in this post, so . . . 

Here  on the right is Michelle Montebello, who writes Australian historical fiction. Her book The Quarantine Station has been hugely popular.

On the left we have Samara Parish whose historicals have the most gorgeous covers. 

And they’re Regency, my favorite historical era.

It was really heartwarming to see so many young and gorgeous new(ish) authors writing historicals.

Who said historicals were dead? They’ve been saying that for decades and it never happens.

As you can see from her banner, Tamara Gill, on the right, writes Regency and Time Travel romance — what a great combination, eh?

And they’re doing really well, so if you’ve never tried Regency Time travel you might want to check her out.

And finally we have Tanya Nellestein. Can you guess what she writes? Yes, the gorgeous banner is a dead giveaway, isn’t it?

So there we have most of the historical writers who were at the Sydney ARRA signing.

I say “most’ because I have to admit, I haven’t read them all and I know I  have missed some.
So many new writers — it’s very exciting — but quite a few had their QR code on display, and my phone camera kept picking up the code and connecting me with their sites, and I didn’t realize until later, when I noticed the photos didn’t all come out.
Stay tuned for others at the Sydney signing in the next post. And after that, Melbourne.


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Michelle H
Michelle H
1 year ago

Congratulations on your nominations, Annie. These events always look like so much fun. I’ve been able to attend one Romance Writers/Readers conference for a part of the weekend (sooo nervous ahead of time,) and had such a fantastic time. Meeting so many writers was a dream! They were all so gracious, welcoming, and friendly, as I know you too would be to meet.

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
1 year ago
Reply to  Michelle H

Thanks, Michelle. I’m so glad you were able to attend a romance writing conference and had a lovely time — they’re always very friendly and supportive events, I think. And educational as well.

1 year ago

Looks like fun, Anne! Bet you signed a lot of books, too!

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
1 year ago
Reply to  Constance

It was fun, Constance. I did sign quite a few, and it was especially lovely when people came who already had almost all of my books.

1 year ago

“Hope is the thing with feathers” Emily Dickinson
I love your boas and your books!

I am so impressed by all of you. I don’t have the gift, so do my part as a loyal reader,
I just today met a young woman here in the States who is working on her penultimate draft of a historical romance. I hope to see her published someday too.

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
1 year ago
Reply to  Robin

Thanks, Robin. The boa thing came from years before I had even written a novel. I’d bought a fabulous pink/lilac feather boa for a “performing party” we had one year, then it was used in various school production, and it even appeared on national TV a few times, though not worn by me. A friend was a comedienne who wore it in an on-going skit she created that was featured each week on a very popular TV comedy show. She borrowed it—she thought for a couple of skits, but in the end her skit and the character she created was… Read more »