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The book is out!

My book, The Heiress’s Daughter is out — ready to buy in e-book, paperback and audio book. Thank you to all those who preordered it, and no doubt have it already.

Publication day is always a bit fraught for authors — will people buy it? Will people like it? I looked on amazon to check the book’s rating, which gives a rough idea of how well it’s selling and was dismayed to see a one star rating with this comment:

I own practically every book Ms. Gracie has written, but will no longer purchase her books. The digital format should not be this high. She has priced herself out of the market. I will wait until it reaches the thrift stores.

The thing is, it’s the publisher, not me, who sets the price. I agree the e-book price is quite steep, but I have no control about things like that. And I can’t explain to that person — I just have to suck it up. :(

But then my publisher sent me a link to this post, on “She Reads” where The Heiress’s Daughter was featured as one for Bridgerton fans  to read. And the graphic was gorgeous.  Here’s the link:  New Regency Era Romances for After You Binge Bridgerton Season Three — what to read.
Needless to say, I’m thrilled to bits!



One of the things I am trying to do at the moment, now that the book has gone (for a while at least) is to tackle the many boxes I still haven’t unpacked. They’re mostly books, and the difficulty for me is that I need to cull them. I gave away two very large bookshelves when I moved, and had some new bookshelves built in, but there’s still not enough space, so it’s culling, culling, culling for me. Not fun.

Anyway, the focus at the moment is setting up my office. I don’t really need an office to work in anymore, as I write on my laptop, which can go anywhere. But when a friend visited and we were looking at my office-to-be she said, “What are they?” and pointed at a line of acrylic writing trophies I have won.  

In my old house, the office walls were painted a deep mid-blue — the paint company called it “budgerigar blue” and the acrylic trophies stood out quite well against it. But in the new house all the walls are a kind of white, and the trophies become invisible. When I explained she shook her head, and said “These are things to be proud of. You need to display them properly.” And I am very proud of them. They are mostly from ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) and reader awards, are, in my opinion a real honour.   (Note, I’m using Australian spelling, so our instead of or.)

“Stick something colored behind them,” my friend said, so seizing on any distraction, I did. I bought some shiny card, and we cut out shapes to fit behind the trophies and stuck them on the back of the trophies with sticky tape, so the writing was readable. 
So here they are.  The blue ones are for “Favourite Historical Romance”, the red ones are for “Favourite Australian Romance Author” and the two light green ones are for “Favourite Continuing Romance Series.” And there’s one RWAustralia RBY as well. I’ve won that three times, but the first two were wooden and metal  plaques and didn’t need anything.
Wouldn’t it be good if the manufacturers of acrylic trophies also sold coloured backings? These look so pretty, don’t you think?

So now that’s done, I need to crack on with actually setting up the office. <g>

No longer a finalist

You might have seen a flurry of excited posts from Australian authors whose books have been nominated for the annual ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Association) Awards. 

My book, THE LAIRD’S BRIDE was also nominated, and I was also thrilled, but I didn’t post anywhere about it. Read on to see why.

As well as being thrilled to be a finalist, I was also a little worried, as I wasn’t sure it was eligible. You see that story started life as a 12,000 word short story in the Mammoth Book of Scottish romance. But it was really too short, and a lot of readers said so.

Then last year I expanded it to 40,000 words and self published it. The first third is pretty much unchanged, and the rest is new. Because it was so much longer, I registered a new copyright date — June 2023.

Because of that, I wasn’t sure it could be claimed as a new book.

So I wrote to the ARRA committee, explaining the situation, and they discussed it and have decided to withdraw the book. Which is what I expected.
So I’m still pleased at having been nominated, but also relieved as I would hate to be accused of cheating.

So thank you to the ARRA members who nominated my book — and the very best of good luck to all the other finalists. You can see the list here.