The ARRA Awards

Every year ARRA (the Australian Romance Readers Association) holds an Awards Dinner to present awards concerning the books published the previous year. Books are nominated and later voted on by ARRA members — non-members cannot vote. I’d booked to attend this year’s dinner, as I do every year, but sadly, it had to be cancelled.

So this year, eight of us — all romance writers on retreat — sat around in a hotel room in Queensland, and watched the awards as they were announced on YouTube. We ate yummy takeaway food and cheered and raised our champagne glasses to the two in our group who won awards, as well as our other friends who were listed or won. It was a lovely night altogether.

I was thrilled to receive several awards. I won Favourite Historical Romance 2022 with The Rake’s Daughter

 I also won Favourite Australian Romance Author 2022.


The Rake’s Daughter also won the Favourite Romance Cover 2022. 

You can watch the awards here, or read the list here.

I would like to thank the  ARRA organizers (all hard-working volunteers) and also all the ARRA members who voted for my book — I was thrilled to bits to win my two awards — and have passed on my congratulations to the Berkley Cover Art department, who were responsible for the cover of my book that won Favourite Cover. I know they’ll be rapt.

Congratulations to ALL the winners, and also to ALL who finalled. 

And now it’s Sunday morning and I’m sitting in my bed typing this, with the big doors open to the sound of the waves and the lorikeets chittering in the trees. It’s not as hot or as humid as it was when we arrived, either, so it’s very, very pleasant.

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1 year ago

Beautiful photos. It sounds like a good time. Congratulations on your awards. When I was in Australia I loved seeing and hearing the Lorikeets.

1 year ago

Congratulations, Anne! So well deserved! And so glad you could be with friends to celebrate this latest success! Here’s to you!

Michelle H
Michelle H
1 year ago

Congratulations on your wins, so well deserved. Very exciting photos. I’m looking forward to your new/old Scottish tale. That was quite a surprise to see that cover. :D