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New Bookshelves

My new bookshelves are done!  

I wanted them dead plain with extra shelves. And white because a) there’s already a lot of wood in the room and b) it would be hard to match. Plus c) it was cheaper. <g>

I’m so happy with them — the shelves are  adjustable and very easy to change. They’re studier than my old shelves, too. 

The guy got here at 7am and was all done by 9.30am. (And I finished writing a scene.) He did  a nice clean job. And he was very nice — he even gave Milly a treat because she’d been so quiet and good, sitting by the table on her leash, watching.

I won’t be arranging the books any time soon — I have to finish writing my current book first. And then there will  have to be a massive culling, because I had two walls of books in my old house and now I have just one. I also had a number of big stand-alone  bookshelves, but I’m only keeping three. I’m giving the rest (the two biggest plus one other) to charity. They’re sitting on the veranda ready for someone to take them away.

Once I have my study set up, I’ll share a photo, but it won’t be for ages.

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Michelle H
Michelle H
1 year ago

Magnificent shelves!! Happy book arranging! And Merry Christmas. What a great photo, Anne.

1 year ago

Your shelves look wonderful, although I blanched when you mentioned ‘culling your books’. I may go through mine again one day, but the last time I did it, there were less than 10 books I was willing to part with. And I may have taken several of them back out of the box.

Annette N
Annette N
1 year ago

Great looking shelves… are a lucky woman.