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Catching up with friends

There was a big book-signing event in Melbourne last weekend, and authors came in from all over to attend. Not me, though. Those big events are best for authors who are mostly indie (self-publishing) and who are prolific writers. As you know, I’m slow.

But I managed to catch up with two good mates a few days before the signing started — Keri Arthur and Amy Andrews. Here we are taking a last-minute selfie in the car park — Keri on the left, then Amy and then me peering over Amy’s shoulder.

We all more or less met many years ago when we worked on the RWAustralia committee for six years, and that sort of experience can be bonding. It was so great catching up after several years of not seeing each other, mainly because of CoVid. Sadly there were only three of us — two had dropped out at the last minute, one because she had CoVid, and the other because she had a tooth emergency. Still the three of us had a lovely time and we talked and talked and talked.  It’s wonderful being able to catch up with friends again.

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Robyn Aldridge
Robyn Aldridge
1 year ago

Great to see the three of you together again.