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Almond-orange biscuits (cookies)

I’m doing copy-edits at the moment, which involves going through the manuscript with a fine tooth comb, making tiny changes, and checking the comments and corrections made by the copyeditor. They’re things like changing my occasional Australian spellings (which are UK spellings) to US spellings, picking up missing words, ensuring consistency — I sometimes called Lady Someone Mrs. Someone — that kind of thing.

There weren’t a lot of those to check, but once I’d dealt with the copyeditor’s remarks, I always go through the manuscript again to make sure it’s all as I want it to be. And when I came across a mention of orange biscuits (cookies), I recalled some delicious orange and almond biscuits I’ve made a few times from this website. Apart from being delicious, they’re also gluten free, and being Italian, I realized that Lady Scattergood’s cook might have been given the recipe from Alfonso, Leo’s Italian cook.

There’s also a recipe for the same kind of orange biscuits using pistachios instead of almonds, and they’re also delicious.

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Patricia Wood
Patricia Wood
10 months ago

Thank you I ALWAYS enjoy hearing from you. God bless you – pat wood

Liz Fielding
Liz Fielding
10 months ago

These sound really good. Have send the recipe link to my daughter for the children to make in the holidays.

10 months ago

These look similar to favorite cookies in our family – Chocolate Crinkles and Lemon Crinkles. Since I love almonds there would be another great addition.
I enjoy reading your blog but do not get to respond as often. Just know that there are readers out here who enjoy reading here.