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Zoom with dog

Since lockdown started, I’ve had a number of meetings via Zoom — several with writers friends and one with my former workplace, which publishes the little adult literacy books I write.

One weekly meeting with writer friends takes place in the evening, and for some reason my dog, Milly, finds it quite intriguing. She’s quite used to me making random comments, and muttering away at my manuscript or characters,  and she’s perfectly used to me talking on the phone.

But Zoom seems to be another thing. Maybe it’s because I’m sitting on the couch, instead of where I usually work (which I’m told is too dark for my friends to see me) and talking and laughing.

Clearly I’m talking to her. And sitting in a place she’s not usually allowed. So I get regular visits and gentle nudges, because if I’m not working and am sitting doing nothing, I obviously need to be patting a dog.  So this is what happens, several times during a zoom get-together. Last night we had three dogs showing their furry faces on zoom, but the photos of the others didn’t come out, so I cropped  it.

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4 years ago

Hubs has been working from home and occasionally has to turn on the camera. Murphy takes advantage of that and photobombs him almost every time. I think it makes for a more relaxed, fun meeting!

Janice LaytonbDunlap
Janice LaytonbDunlap
4 years ago

Thank you for the picture, beautiful. Dogs are wonderful and sometimes strange. Freddie will not let me talk on the phone at the kitchen table, she tugs on my arm, barks and makes a complete pest of herself. If I get up and move to another room, she follows me and lies down quietly, I have been unable to figure out why.