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Virtual escapes

Like most of us, I’ve been in lockdown for months, but I get a lot of pleasure from some of the blogs I follow.

It’s a kind of virtual escape. 

Here’s one I enjoy  from  a woman who walks and takes photos of the wild  bushland of Tasmania — and if you’re sweltering, you might enjoy these photos of a cool temperate rainforest — wild untamed country, giant tree ferns, big rocks, and a few scatterings of snow.  

Tasmania is the southernmost part of Australia — the “small” island at the bottom of the map, “small” being a relative term — Tasmania is about the same size as Ireland or Switzerland, or the state of West Virginia in the USA. 

It’s also one of the earliest parts of the country that was colonized by Europeans, and yet  while it has some lovely historic buildings and beautiful rolling hills and farmland, it also has some of the most brilliantly wild bushland as well.

Gazing at these photos, I can almost smell the fresh, sharp smell of the native bushland plants and the cool earth. 

If you enjoyed these two photos, click on the link below and visit her blog, where there are plenty more gorgeous photos.

Split Rock Falls – The Most Beautiful Rainforest Walk

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3 years ago

Habe you traveled all over your country? I’m curious. I’ve been to oh…40 of our 50 states give or take one or two. I’ve loved almost every state I’ve been to though some are much hotter than I can stand normally. My husband’s uncle (father’s brother) lived in New Zealand for many years. I know that’s not Australia, but it’s close enough and would be like me visiting Canada I would think.

3 years ago

It looks so cool and beautiful