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The moon

Did anyone see the moon last night? Here it was a clear night and the moon was spectacular, and so bright.  It’s a full, super, blue Moon, the only blue Moon of 2023, and astronomers say it won’t occur again until 2037.

I watched it coming up, but didn’t take a photo because my phone camera isn’t strong enough for a good photo, but it was still bright when it shone into my (west-facing) bedroom window at 5 am. I didn’t get out of bed, but my friend Fiona McArthur, who regularly gets up at crack of dawn and walks, took this photo of the setting moon from coastal NSW. Isn’t it wonderful?

If you missed it, it’s also supposed to be wonderful tonight. There’s a much fuller explanation of the phenomena here.


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10 months ago

I did see it at 4am this morning and it was glorious! We usually don’t see any astronomical events anymore because the weather no longer cooperates. I’ve missed every meteor shower this year :(

I’m still here and reading, just so you know. And I still can’t subscribe to the comments. :(