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The last leaves of Autumn


Autumn leaves are pretty special here — our native vegetation is often very beautiful, but the plants that have leaves that turn gold or orange or scarlet are almost invariably exotics, imported from the northern hemisphere. So when I spot some spectacular autumn display it’s a treat.

I spotted this in a neighbor’s front yard coming home the other afternoon. The sun was shining through the last few autumn leaves of this tree and they were lit up gorgeously, as you can see.

I drove on past, then stopped, backed up, and got out to take a few photos.

Two days later and we had rain and storms, and last time I passed it, there was just one golden leaf, hanging valiantly on. I didn’t stop to take a photo as the rain was pelting down and I was a wimp. <g>

I really miss the glorious Virginia Creeper in my old garden — one whole fence was covered in glory every autumn — but not only have I moved, the entire  back yard has been bulldozed down to mud, and the creeper, and all my other lovely plants have been replaced by bricks. All that remains of that garden are my photos. 


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Annette N
Annette N
1 year ago

Can you get another Virginia Creeper? Simply to make yourself happy? Or is there anything like that which would please you? Honeysuckle? I hope you can find something that brings you joy when you look into your yard.

Priscilla Payne
Priscilla Payne
1 year ago

That is so sad to have your former backyard so destroyed. Glad you have photos.

1 year ago

I understand your feelings about your former garden. We moved four years ago and left a beautiful garden full of lovely plants, bushes, and trees. Our former neighbor wrote to say the beds were being removed so the new owners could have more lawn. However, our old neighbor was told she could have any plants she wanted, so the plants will live on! I wish you could have done the same with your Virginia creeper.