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Seasons Greetings

Hi all, here is my annual home-made seasons greeting card for you all. After this I’ll be posting it on FB and sending it out in a quick newsletter, as well as emailing it to friends. Thanks so much for reading and subscribing to my blog, for reading my books, and for reviewing and/or rating them. I really appreciate it.

The photo is of flannel flowers, which are native Australian wildflowers. When I was a kid, the land around our holiday house was all native plants. I used to pick flannel flowers — carefully and with scissors. Not many because Mum limited the number I picked, explaining we needed to protect the flowers so they could flourish. I used to press them and stick them on a card. I haven’t changed much, have I?

Sadly, that stretch of native vegetation got bulldozed and the land was “developed” which means someone built a hundred houses on it. No more flannel flowers, no more native vegetation, no more indigenous fauna. But the flannel flower lives on. You can buy seeds now, and grow them in your garden. Thank goodness for seed-savers.

Have a wonderful break over the holidays, and stay safe in 2024. I’m hoping for a few peace agreements.

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5 months ago

Thankyou Anne. And may Christmas and the new year bring blessings and joy to you and your friends and family. Thank you for the joy of your books every year! Keep writing!

5 months ago

Thanks for your wonderful books, Anne!
Also for Peace Agreements that we need ASAP.