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Audio News

A friend just told me that she’d noticed that the audio book version of my first Berkley book, The Perfect Rake, is now available. I knew the rights had been sold to an audio company, and they’d sent me an image of the cover — isn’t it pretty?—but nobody told me when it was coming out. (The author is often the last to know.)

Just in time for Christmas!
You can buy it here, or on amazon, or try this Universal link which should take you to the on-line store of your preference.

The Perfect Rake was my first book for Berkley and launched  the popular Merridew Sisters series (which all had “Perfect” in the title). It stars Prudence and Gideon, who is still many readers’ favorite hero.

The whole Merridew sisters series will be coming out as audio books, and The Perfect Waltz  (Hope’s story) will be next.

So many people have asked for this series to be put into audio, so I’m delighted it’s happening at last.  I would love all my books to be available in audio but the decision to go into audio is not mine to make— it’s all arranged by my publisher and the audio company.

By the way, The Perfect Rake e-book is still on sale at a reduced price.


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