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A snippet from Marry In Scarlet

Lady George, discussing sidesaddles with Kirk, her dour Scottish groom:

      “Have you ever ridden with a sidesaddle, Kirk?”
      He didn’t bother answering, just gave her an expressive look. 
      “No, of course not. And why is that? For all that men tell us that sidesaddles are soooo much better for ladies and are as safe as houses, you won’t get a man on one—and why? Because they’re silly, that’s why. And it takes more skill to ride with them, not less, because with a sidesaddle you only have the reins and your crop and your balance, whereas astride you can control your mount with your thighs as well—” 
      “Lady Georgiana!” Kirk said in a pained voice. 
      George hid a grin. She’d forgotten; ladies didn’t have thighs, or if they did they weren’t to be mentioned. 

*  *  *  *  *

Marry In Scarlet comes out on May 26th. You can preorder it on Amazon,  from one of these sites. or from the Book Depository which sends books all over the world for free postage


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4 years ago

Have you ever ridden sidesaddle? I have. It’s a ridiculous method and a testament to how skilled most women actually were at riding. It’s a wonder more didn’t die.

Kathleen Jennings
Kathleen Jennings
4 years ago

So much looking forward to this!