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A Progress Report

. . .  on the house, that is, not the current book I’m working on, though I am working on that, too.

The unpacking in my new house is proceeding, albeit at a slow pace. Weirdly, although I have much more storage in this house than I had at the old house, it’s been hard trying to decide where everything goes. I’m talking mainly about the kitchen, which is where I’ve been doing most of the unpacking. There is plenty of space — it’s the organization that’s the tricky bit.

In the old house I had a walk-in pantry, and everything was at my fingertips. I had a wall of narrow shelves for herbs and spices, and two walls of deeper shelves for everything else. Now I have a cupboard that is called a pantry, and drawers for everything else. And my herbs and spices don’t quite fit into this drawer . . . 

As much as anything it’s a reorganization of my mind. Do I want these plates stored in a drawer in the kitchen or on the other side of the bench in the old dresser I brought with me from the old house? And then, where do I keep the things I used to store in that dresser? 

Decisions, decisions. . . 

But the unpacking and reorganization is helping me continue the decluttering process, and I’ve already taken several boxes to the charity shop.

I haven’t touched the many boxes of books yet. I plan to get new bookshelves built first. At the old house there were two full walls of bookshelves that I built myself (using metal brackets fastened to the wall) and they’ve gone now, so even though I have a number of free-standing bookshelves (nine at last count — four over 6ft), there still isn’t enough space for all my books. So the culling will continue, but not just yet. The books can wait — as can the setting up of my guest room — this is it at the moment. 

Speaking of the old house, I guess I was grieving a bit at leaving it after so long, but the new owner sent me photos of the house as it was a week after I’d moved — and it’s a shell of its former self — literally. So that helped me to let it go. The photo below is of the room that used to be my bedroom. 

Thank you to all the people who’ve commented on this blog and written me emails wishing me well in my new home. I’m very happy here now — it’s warm and comfortable, and beautifully light. Even though it’s been cold and rainy or overcast for days, I still don’t have to turn on lights in the daytime. And my indoor plants are thriving.

As is Milly who is currently outside  on the deck, keeping an eye on the birds sitting in the trees in case they decide to trespass on her territory. 


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2 years ago

Oh, Anne. We’ve been in this house eight years this October and I’m still rearranging the kitchen every 6 months or so because it’s just not right yet. I understand your dilemma. But this is a new adventure for you and it sounds like so far, you’re having a good one overall. When we moved here from the house of my dreams, I couldn’t look back. I’m glad you’re able to and that the new owner pictures are giving you closure. That helps a lot. Happy organizing! :)

2 years ago

It is never easy trying fit things into a new format. My brother built us a lovely wooden spice rack that we used in our old house for 20 years. When we moved there was no wall space near the kitchen area to put it. So the spices now sit in a shallow container which I place on a higher shelf, but is easy to lift down. The spice rack is now in the garage storing pill bottles filled with nails, tack, screws, washer, etc. It also takes time to remember where you thought a good spot would be for… Read more »

2 years ago

We’ve been here four months and it’s the pots that are a problem. Heck, only got four plus a couple of frying pans. But they won’t all fit in one drawer. So one pot and one frying pan are living in the garage for the time being.

1 year ago

I can totally relate to your having to find a new way to think of your storage issues. We have been remodeling our main floor (kitchen, living room, dining room and family room) We have yet to finish the kitchen due to issues with our supplier- Too many to count!!! We have more storage in our kitchen, that we can use right ow and more to come, hopefully soon. But things need to be moved and resorted…after 25 years of the old way…I think you have the easier job. Good luck and have fun thinking outside of your old boxes.… Read more »