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A fun little article

 Thank you to all the people who write to me in appreciation of the Regency Heroes link I provided in the previous post. I’ll keep a look-out for other fun videos to share in future.

I wrote this fun little article for FROLIC magazine, called A Beta Hero, And Alpha Aunt, Jane Austen and me.  (Click on the blue link to read it)

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10 months ago

Thank you for the Jane Austen. I first read Pride & Prejudice at 14. My neighbour had a full set. I read them all. Read them again at 18 and found them much better. Had Pride & Prejudice read aloud on a car trip with my sisters at 25 something and about drove off the road. And then Colin Firth starred in the movie.

I discovered Georgetter Heyer somewhere in my mid-teens and also Joan Aiken Hodge. A little later, Clare Darcy. I was, and remain, hooked.

Thank you for doing it well.