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A book bub special

My book MARRY IN SCARLET is on special for a limited time. It’s only available to people in the USA — sorry to everyone else, but these decisions are made by my publisher, not me.

This is George’s story — my fiery tomboy heroine who didn’t want to get married, but who was more or less trapped into it by an apparently cold-hearted duke.

The amazon link is here.

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11 months ago

Anne. Thank you so very much for the wonderful books you have written. I’ve read most of them and have just read yet again the first 3 books from the Marriage of Connivence set. I’ve just received Marry in Scarlet which I know that I’ll love as it unfolds. i always reread the previous books when I buy a new one. Refreshes the story and I get new things from the story. I only have paperbacks. Never e books. Thank you again and I hope that you’re settling down in your new home I am writing to you from my… Read more »