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On Bodices

— (none of which are ripped)

| Best DealsπŸ”₯ |. Where to buy? buy Buy Zovirax Online ,coupons 75% off. Check More Β» Here are some photos I took at Berrington Hall, in Herefordshire, several years ago. Regency historical author, my friend, Joanna Maitland had arranged a private regency-era costume showing by wonderful costume curator, Althea. Thank you both for your generosity. It’s a fabulous collection, but it wasn’t on display to the public, so I felt very privileged. You’ll notice some photos are a little dark β€” that’s because the fabric and embroidery are 200 years old, and delicate and light will damage them. All photos were taken without a flash and in the natural light of just one small window. Any errors in description are wholly my own fault. Althea explained it all, but my notes were mental — I was too busy taking photos and trying not to drool over the costumes.

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