That Dreaded Synopsis

Many people stress out over synopsis writing. I’ve found that for myself, the best way to learn was to see examples of real working synopses. So in the interests of sharing information, I’ve decided to make one of mine available.

The link below is to a PDF file that contains two synopses of my Harlequin Duets comedy #60 HOW THE SHERIFF WAS WON — one large and one smaller one so that you can compare the points common to each. After that I discuss what I was intending when I wrote it.

Warning: if you haven’t already read the book, there will obviously be spoilers in this synopsis.

Please note – this synopsis is by no means an orthodox one. It breaks some of the “rules” and there are faults – but I have included it, warts and all, because after all, it was the actual synopsis I used and I did sell the book. The other thing is that there are some differences between the synopsis and the final book. This is normal.

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