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Working Women

Here’s another in the series of how women in history got dressed — the clothing and the layers. I’m posting this particular one is in response to a request that I show an ordinary working woman’s clothing. It’s not quite Regency — a bit before that, but it’s still fascinating, I think.

Also, I’m sorry the previous post didn’t come through your email.
Mad Mimi, my server for the email posts, took an objection to the source of a link (though it was not any kind of spam) and stopped it.
I did change the link, and have had many email exchanges about it, but it still seems to be blocked from sending.

My apologies.

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4 years ago

Thank you, Anne! Fascinating. I had no idea the skirts were built like that. Very interesting. Sometimes, I wish we’d never progressed past those periods as far as dress is concerned. The only thing that would have driven me nuts would have been having my sleeves all wadded up under my jacket (though I know it wasn’t called a jacket then) because I can’t stand that feeling. So thank you again. Loved it!

4 years ago

I’ve seen similar videos before and always find them fascinating. So many skirts! She certainly wouldn’t be wanting to find her pocket in a hurry. As for patience, well I would have run out of it by about skirt two.