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The countdown is on . . .

In the lead-up to the publication of my new book, Marry In Scarlet, my publisher has made some memes (pics with quotes from the book) for me to post.
Here’s the first one. Don’t you love that bold blue background?
You can pre-order the book from amazon, PenguinRandomHouse, or your favorite bookstore or this universal link to a wide variety of on-line e-tailers.


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10 months ago

Love it! I’ve preorderd both the paperback and Kindle editions. When it was first possible. Can’t wait!

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
9 months ago
Reply to  theo

Thanks, Theo

Pat Massi
Pat Massi
9 months ago

George is an intelligent, competent and resourceful young lady. I hope the Duke doesn’t make her less than what she is

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
9 months ago
Reply to  Pat Massi

Pat, I might be biased, but I think George ends up making the duke more than he is at the start.