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Thai-style Salads

My spring herbs are growing beautifully and so in the last week I’ve been making Thai-style beef salads. I say Thai-style because I don’t always have all the authentic ingredients on hand. This is seared beef with various salad greens and herbs, with coriander leaves (cilantro), basil, mint leaves and rocket (arugula) with lettuce, shredded carrot, red pepper, and young spinach leaves. If I had any in the fridge I’d also use cucumber and cherry tomatoes.
The dressing is mashed garlic, coriander stems and roots, fish sauce, a dribble of honey, peanut oil, and lime juice. I don’t have any fresh chillis yet so I added a glug of asian chilli sauce. No exact recipe, sorry because I don’t use one. But I like this one.
Today I did more or less the same thing only with salmon, instead of beef. I bake a fillet in the oven — skin on, and though I know it’s good for me, I don’t eat the skin. The dog gets it instead and she loves it.
Flake fish chunks into the salad, pour the dressing over, and mix. It’s yum.
Do you like Thai food?
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1 year ago

I do my salmon in the oven, skin down. When I slip the salmon off the pan, I slide the spatula between the fish and skin and the fish slides right off the skin since I don’t eat the skin either. I too give that to Murphy :)

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
1 year ago
Reply to  theo

Yes, that’s how I cook mine too. But a friend of mine’s mother cooked salmon for me once, and was shocked (and a bit disapproving) when I pushed the skin to the side of the plate. She pointed out that the skin was very good for me. But it stayed on the side of the plate, and I assume it went to the dogs or the cat.