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Pot Plants

No, not that kind of pot plant. *g* I’m talking about regular indoor plants. I had a big clear out of the living room last week — see my last post re decluttering — and the room looked a bit empty.

So I went out and bought some plants. I know, I know, I’m supposed to be decluttering. Shhhh.

On the way to my usual nursery I came across a pop-up plant sale and got a couple of plants for a decent price. One was a “magic bean”plant, which looked really interesting, with the leafy stems growing out of  fat, round beans sitting on the top of the soil. I looked them up when I got home and it turns out that they’re seedlings of a really big tropical tree that’s native to Northern Australia. And the “beans” will go brown and shrivel up. Still the leaves are glossy and green and I really like the look of them. So we’ll see how they go. I don’t think I’ll be planting them out in the garden any time soon.

Then today I dug out some pretty ceramic pots to sit my plastic potted plants in. They’re all old ones I’ve had around the house and in the garden. Just needed a scrub and a plastic bag as a temporary lining, et voila!

They have holes in the base, which I’ll block permanently — they’re going to be containers, not actual pots for growing — but I’m pretty pleased I still had them. (So much for decluttering!)

It’s years since I kept indoor plants. I used to have lots, but then I got tired of the difficulty of getting them looked after when I went away, and slowly I either planted them out or, I dunno — gave them away or let them die probably. Anyway it’s nice to have some plants in the house again.

When I told a friend I’d bought some plants she told me I needed to put my magic bean plant and some others in my Feng Shui corner — and she explained what that was. So here are most of my plants in their pretty containers on an old table in my Feng Shui corner. Nice, eh?

Do you have indoor plants? What are your favorites?

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3 years ago

Lovely! And that bean plant is very interesting. I’ve never seen one before.

I’ve always had a green thumb though now, in this house, it only applies outside and not in. I’ve managed to kill almost all the plants I’ve bought for this house since we moved here :(

Annette N
Annette N
3 years ago

The bean plant sounds interesting. Keep us posted on how it goes. I live in a town house with few windows in the right place for plants. I have African Violets in the house. They do well. No one wants results of dividing them and starting new. On my patio, I have quite a few plants. Some are outdoor plants but many of them are not. We are to get very cold weather – well below freezing….yes, I know This Is Texas – not supposed to happen. So, I did my usual winter shuffle. I moved everything from the patio… Read more »