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New Rug

I’ve just had a new rug delivered. I made shameless use of the young delivery guys in moving my dining table off the shabby old rug, rolling out the new rug and putting the table back. And here it is.

The rug also had Milly’s instant seal of approval — she immediately flopped down on it, claiming it without even a sniff of cautious inspection — even while I was trying to tweak the arrangement slightly, so I had to drag rug+table+dog. <g>

I say ‘new’  but it’s actually second-hand. I’ve been looking at rugs for a while now — the living area in my new house is quite big and I want to use rugs to define the sitting area and the dining area.  I’m very fond of the Persian-style of rug, and though I’d looked in a few rug places, nothing really hit the spot.

I went onto ebay and saw a possibility, but when I went to the warehouse see it in person it was all reds which was a bit too much red for me. But I spotted this one sitting under a couch  and asked about it. They were using it for staging because it had two tiny holes (invisible to me unless I bend down with my glasses on) so I asked how much it was.

I haggled a bit (which I’m really terrible at) and bought it, along with this old wooden tea-trolley.

Not quite sure what I’ll do with the trolley, or where I’ll put it, but for the moment it’s carrying a plant. 

Now I just need to find a rug to define the lounge area.

I also discovered that it will take 16 weeks before my new bookshelves will be built. sigh. But apparently that’s the norm at the moment — covid-related shortages, apparently — and that’s from friends telling me that, not the company. So this house will remain Box City for a long while yet.

But in the meantime, I have a lovely new rug to smile at.

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Diane Sallans
Diane Sallans
5 months ago

I love that rug. I made the mistake of buying a dark solid colored rug for my tv area – shows all the bits of fuzz etc – never again!

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
5 months ago
Reply to  Diane Sallans

Thanks, Diane. I agree with you about solid color rugs — my old house had wall to wall oatmeal carpet throughout, and, well, black dogs shed . . . <g>

5 months ago

Well! It’s a very nice rug, not too red, but very vibrant. lt’s so satisfying to get the things you like, little by little, and get them arranged, very gratifying. And I am glad Millie approves. Thank you for the Rake’s Daughter by the way. I read it right away and will reread it in the near future. Always fun to gobble a book down like chocolate, and then go back and savor it later.

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
5 months ago
Reply to  Jeannette

Thanks for your kind comments, Jeanette. I’m glad you enjoyed my book. And Millie definitely approves of the rug, mainly because she’s not a fan of my beautiful wooden floors. She slips and slides on them, like a beginner ice-skater only with extra legs, so a rug is an island of safety. <g>

4 months ago

We did what you plan to do with different rugs setting off the dining and living rooms. We found rugs of the same colours, but reversed. I should have bought more when I had the chance. A really good pad underneath makes it our black dog’s favourite play space. (Doesn’t move)

Covid trapped a niece in Australia. Our daughter recently travelled down under to her wedding. We are in Canada, and travel times can be long, but she was staggered by the distances in Australia.