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Morning birds

I love seeing birds around. There aren’t as many rainbow lorikeets here as in my old house — a few only occasionally, though I hope to remedy that — and I do get magpies carolling, which is such a lovely sound — but on very chilly mornings the deciduous tree out my back bedroom window has birds (mostly doves) sitting hunched in the top branches where the morning sun first hits, soaking up the first bit of warmth. They do this every morning there is sun. 

When I opened the blinds this morning, the sun was just hitting the top branches and there were three birds. I went away and made a cup of coffee, and when I came back there were eleven. It’s a bit hard to see them — I took the photo through the window and the fly-wire screen — but seeing them is a small morning pleasure. 

Milly, however doesn’t agree — she considers that tree her property, and any birds interlopers. As for the black cat that often sits on the neighbor’s roof washing itself in the sun, looking smugly down at my dog . . . 

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Annette N
Annette N
1 year ago

I love birds too. We have doves here and their cooing makes me smile every time I hear it. Thanks for sharing.

anne Gracie
anne Gracie
1 year ago
Reply to  Annette N

Thanks, Annette. I have doves too, but my favourites are magpies — their song in the morning is just glorious.