Magnolia loveliness

Here for you, in the spirit of sharing a few moments of peace and beauty, is a gorgeous video of a Chinese girl picking wild magnolias, bringing them home and cooking them a variety of ways. I had no idea you could eat magnolias.

It’s not about the cooking and there are no recipes or any commentary, so just click on the link and sit back and enjoy. It’s really beautiful, with a film-like atmosphere. 

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Enisa Haines
Enisa Haines
1 year ago

Really lovely, Anne. And who knew you could make soany delicious dishes with magnolia.

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
1 year ago
Reply to  Enisa Haines

Thanks, Enisa, and yes, amazing to think you could even eat magnolias, let alone cook with them. I’m planning to try them out next spring when a friend of mine’s magnolias comes into bloom