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Last chance for the HNSA workshop

On Saturday 1st July (Australian time) I’ll be conducting an on-line workshop for HNSA (the Historical Novel Society of Australasia) on Writing an Historical Novel Series.

It’s a 3 hour workshop and you can find the details here. I’m posting it again because there was a glitch in the link last time I mentioned it — a small matter of being listed as Annie Gracie  instead of Anne Gracie, which threw the link into ‘not found’ territory. I’m fine with being called Annie — half my friends call me that, but it messed up the link, hence this reposting.

The workshop will cover a variety of genres, not just historical romance, but fantasy, crime, action, etc, all with a historical background.  And yes, I will be referring to Bernard Cornwell’s brilliant historical action series starring Richard Sharpe. (That’s Sean Bean as Sharpe in the TV adaptation.)

It’s interesting — in the early Sharpe books,  Sharpe was described as having dark hair. But after the first few episodes of the TV version came out, Bernard Cornwell (the author) said from then on, he could only picture Sharpe as Sean Bean. 
Have you seen it? I strongly recommend it.

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