People always assume that koalas are incredibly cute and fluffy — and going just on appearance, they are. But they’re also wild animals, and though they seem docile most of the time, sleepily propped in gum trees, chewing on leaves, or just snoozing, during mating season they can become a bit wilder and more active and, at times, fierce. So it’s best not to interfere with them, and just admire them from afar.

Click on this link and make sure the sound is turned up and you can hear one of the sounds they make.  

If you heard this sound in the bush, you’d imagine it was a huge fierce bear or something, wouldn’t you? But it’s just a cute fluffy little koala.  Maybe that’s why some early Europeans called them “koala bears.” They’re not bears at all, but something unique and special.  

The photo here, and the link I’ve included are from the FB page Authentic King Island

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1 year ago

I think they’re absolutely adorable! But I know they can bite. I also saw the videos that were coming through from the fires you had where they weren’t just docile but some actually seemed to be seeking help. I just cried, it was such a horrible time for all of the animals. :( Hope all is well with you!

Anne Gracie
Anne Gracie
1 year ago
Reply to  theo

Thanks, Theo. Yes those videos of half-burnt, desperate koalas were heart-rending, weren’t they? I think most of us wept at the sight. So much terrible damage was done by those fires, and the bush and the wildlife still haven’t recovered.