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Getting Dressed in 1665

There’s a growing collection of videos being made showing how women —and sometimes men— got dressed in various time periods.

Here’s a link to one, showing how a woman got dressed —all the various layers and the whys and wherefores — in 1665.

That’s the same period as the painting on the left —  Vermeer’s famous painting called Girl with a Pearl Earring.

If you’re interested in the painting, you can read more about it here. I’ve always thought that pearl was exceptionally large to be worn by an unknown artist’s model. In those days all pearls were natural and therefore accidental, and one that size would have been exceptionally rare and the kind of thing that only a queen could afford. I was interested to see that the authenticity of the pearl was questioned in recent times, and thought by some to be polished tin. That sounds much more likely to me. But who cares? It’s a very beautiful and evocative painting, and the pearl adds beauty and mystique. 

The clothing video is here:

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Binnie Syril Braunstein
Binnie Syril Braunstein
4 years ago

Fascinating, Anne. I’m glad I’m getting dressed in 2019 rather than in 1665. Is there are YouTube video that would feature a regency lady getting dressed? I’m reminded of a program that explained various facets of the program Downton Abbey. One of the points made was that the members of the nobility could not dress themselves, and therefore, many servants were necessary. I’m also reminded of all of those regency lords who had to be helped in and out of their form-fitting coats.