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Dog and newspapers

When I was packing to move, I wrapped all my crockery and glassware and breakable ornaments in newspaper — it’s how we did it when I was a kid and we moved every few years. Mum had trained me well in the wrapping and nothing ever got broken.

So with this move, every time I unpacked a few boxes, I had a pile of newspaper, and after unpacking one or two boxes, I’d gather it up from the floor and take it outside to the recycle bin.

Milly helped.

Or more accurately, she supervised, checking to see that no creature was lurking among the papers. Because you never know . . . 

She’s very protective like that. 

And when I’d get up to make a cuppa, she guarded the pile from thieves and other  bad people — and dogs. 

Keeping an eye out. Just in case.

Apparently piles of newspaper are fun. I know this because once, when the recycle bin was full and I left a pile of the stuff on the floor overnight, I was woken by someone cavorting in paper . . .  

Not that it was Milly, oh no. Would a dog be so frivolous in the night? Surely not!





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Binnie Syril Braunstein
Binnie Syril Braunstein
1 year ago

Anne –

Milly is totally paw-dorable. And so conscientious. It’s so nice having someone to help with all that tedious unpacking. Just be sure that our Milly doesn’t end up in the recycle bin with the piles of paper. Looks like you’re definitely making progress settlng in.

1 year ago

How cute! She obviously knows exactly what’s important. Murphy the Blue Dobe is not into newspaper. Loaner Cat however, is another story entirely. I’d have been kept up all night had I left a pile of papers on the floor.