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Choc-chip Cookies

Last week when I made choc-chip cookies for a visitor, I didn’t take a photo. But I had half a tin of condensed milk left, so I had to make another batch, didn’t I? <g>

This is the “before” pic — blobs of raw dough, not neatly rolled into balls as in the website I linked to in the last post.

The final cookies look a bit rough, but they tasted lovely. I really like the recipe with the condensed milk in it. If you follow it, make sure you’re using condensed milk — not evaporated milk. Condensed milk is thick like honey.

And below are the finished cookies. 

They don’t look as pretty as ones made with proper chocolate chips (or bits) — I chopped up  much larger chocolate “melts” so there are all kinds of odd shapes and shards of chocolate. But I fully intend to do that again whenever I bake these cookies, as I think it really improved the eating experience.

So be warned, if you’re making these with condensed milk, you will have half a tin left over, and it will call to you from the fridge until you make another batch.

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1 month ago

Oh my. I love a good chocolate chip cookie.

1 month ago
Reply to  Doris

Thanks, Doris — me too. :)